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TMJ Therapy in Texarkana, TX

TMJ Therapy

Do you have headaches, facial pain, or limited jaw movement? These are common symptoms of a neuromuscular disorder known as TMJ disorder or TMD. Patients with TMJ disorder often suffer unnecessarily for years, unaware that their dentist may be able to alleviate their pain. Drs. Adriane and Jim Lippian have studied neuromuscular function and provide non-surgical TMD therapy for Texarkana-area patients.

TMD is an acronym for temporomandibular joint disorder. The temporomandibular joints connect your jaw to your temple, allowing for a wide range of facial movements. These joints are highly sensitive to injury and stress. Even minor changes in eating habits can result in TMJ disorder.

When you come in for your exam, Dr. Lippian will check your jaw and teeth for signs of TMJ disorder. If the dentist finds a problem, he or she will offer simple therapies to restore your oral function. Many patients benefit from a simple mouthguard that realigns the joints while you sleep. Dr. Lippian may also recommend tooth reshaping and relaxation techniques.

Call today to schedule your TMJ assessment with Dr. Adriane Lippian and Dr. Jim Lippian. We serve patients from Texarkana, Ashdown, Hooks, Atlanta, New Boston, and nearby Texas communities.

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