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Root Canals in Texarkana, TX

Root Canals

A root canal is sometimes necessary when trauma or a large cavity penetrates the inside of the tooth. The damaged tooth fills with bacteria, causing painful pressure. During a root canal, the dentist cleans out the diseased area and seals the tooth to prevent infection.

Root canal therapy is a conservative procedure that preserves your natural tooth. If left untreated, the tooth will eventually need to be extracted and replaced with a prosthetic. Saving your natural tooth is often the best option.

With modern tools and anesthesia, root canal therapy is more comfortable than ever before! In most cases, Dr. Lippian can perform the procedure in a single visit.

Call today to learn more about comfortable root canal therapy with Dr. Adriane Lippian and Dr. Jim Lippian. We serve patients from Texarkana, Ashdown, Hooks, Atlanta, New Boston, and the surrounding Texas communities.

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